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We Advance Youth Engagement Worldwide.

Why Youth Engagement?

In the years Freechild has been operating, we’ve worked in dozens of low-income communities, with people of color, among white people, and around the world. We have partnered with K-12 schools, nonprofits, government agencies and others. This has been a time of movements, including Never Again, Black Lives Matters, the 99% Occupy movement, and others. There have also been countless projects and programs designed to lift youth voice and infuse youth involvement into communities around the world.

Through each of these efforts and many others, Freechild has offered trainings and workshops; spoke at conferences and rallies; and written 100s of pages on the internet and in publications. The thread we find woven through all our activities and others is engagement, which happens when anyone chooses the same thing again and again.

Freechild promotes youth engagement because we want young people to choose to change the world in positive, powerful ways again and again.

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What We Do

In addition to this massive website, Freechild Institute supports youth and adults directly by…Freechild Institute Bibliography