Every youth should be engaged everywhere throughout every community all of the time.

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Our Focus

Since 2001, The Freechild Project has been using our research, programs, publications and practice to promote youth engagement and challenge adultism. Freechild offers…

Our website features an massive international database for youth changing the world.

INSPIRATION? This website shares 100s of pages with examples, tools and more focused on youth changing the world, including issues, actions and strategies.


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If you are a young person, we offer dozens of FREE tools to inspire and assist you in taking action! If you are an adult ally to children and youth, we support you too, with free information as well as other services and tools. We support youth, adults, organizations and agencies looking to engage young people in change the world. For more information, contact us.


What We Support

Whether you are volunteering with a community group, working in a nonprofit, serving through a government agency, or creating a better home for your family, youth engagement can help you do what you do better. Freechild defines youth engagement like this:

Youth engagement is anything that any young person forms a sustainable connection with inside or around themselves.

Freechild believes the major barrier to youth engagement is adultism. Today, we help nonprofits, community groups, government agencies and others face adultism and build youth engagement. Freechild defines adultism like this:

Adultism is bias towards adults that results in discrimination against youth, and the addiction to adults our society is built on.


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