The Freechild Project is now Freechild Insititute!

The Freechild Project is now Freechild Institute

Olympia, WA (January 2018)—The Freechild Project is now Freechild Institute. In order to accurately reflect its broad commitment to educating youth and adults, Freechild Project leaders have decided to rename the organization. Starting in January 2018, the organization will now be referred to as Freechild Institute.

In 2001, Freechild founder Adam Fletcher was supporting a group of youth in Olympia, Washington, who were organizing to promote youth rights. Citing educator A.S. Neill’s question, “How will free children fit into an unfree society?,” the group suggested Fletcher call his emerging project “freechild.”

Since then, Freechild has become an international phenomenon, acting as a free database for youth changing the world. Providing more than two dozen free publications and hundreds of teaching tools online, Fletcher has provided training and workshops and keynote speeches on behalf of Freechild.

Working with advisors around the world, Fletcher is reasserting his commitment to Freechild. He recently said, “I continue working today to support children and youth, hoping that I can impact youth as powerfully as my adult allies affected me. That’s why we’re using the name Freechild Institute—to more effectively reach more youth worldwide.”

Throughout 2018, all of Fletcher’s publications on will be rebranded for Freechild Institute, and new partnerships are being sought for classes, retreats and more.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Adam Fletcher today by calling (360) 489-9680 or emailing