Introduction to Youth Rights

Freechild Institute Youth Rights Toolkit

The Freechild Institute advocates for meaningful, actual and substantial youth rights throughout society, including local communities, K-12 schools, in families, throughout government and elsewhere.

The world keeps changing. More people are gaining more access to more information than ever before. Along with that information, more people are creating opportunities for themselves. Unlike the past though, young people are included as never before.

The solution of adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon the way our children grow up today. There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing that, when we save children, we save ourselves. — Margaret Mead

For much of the last decade, The Freechild Institute has been engaged in an ongoing conversation with young people and adults around the world focused on the question, “What can youth do to change the world?” The answer is that there is no limit.

It is important for adults to recognize that young people are assuming more responsibility than ever before. As The Freechild Institute shows, youth are changing the world like never before right now. They are doing this by improving schools, healthing the environment, promoting positive community development, challenging apathy and promoting civic action like no other generation.

Unfortunately, cultures around the world have had oppressive attitudes towards young people for hundreds of years. We have routinely and systematically segregated children and youth from adults; made them into the chattel of adults; eliminated their economic livelihoods; fought their attempts to restore balance to social perspectives of their capabilities.

This section of The Freechild Institute website is all about Youth Rights. We hope its useful for you!

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