Youth Political Action Institute

The Freechild Project is excited to announce the availability of our Youth Political Action Institute. Designed to inspire, inform and empower young people ages 12 to 18, Freechild’s special institute travels across the United States and worldwide to share powerful, positive and practical information that will change the lives of youth in your community!

Our institute covers five areas:

  • Motivation — Why is it absolutely essential for YOU to take action?!?
  • Knowledge-Sharing — You know what you know; now share it with others!
  • Skill-Building — Developing the POWER to create change is critical.
  • Action Planning — Learning how to DO SOMETHING takes commitment!
  • Reflection — Its not enough to just do stuff. You should learn about action with us.

Call The Freechild Project today to discuss costs, availability and more at (360) 489-9680 or email

The Freechild Project Political Action Institute
For info about The Freechild Project Political Action Institute contact us!

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Our youth organization seeks for peace during elections in Nigeria. There’s a forth coming election and as a higher youth organization, we seek your help and advice.

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