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Freechild Institute travels around the world to facilitate learning activities for young people and adults focused on changing the world. We work with nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies and other agencies in workshops, conferences, keynotes and more.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. ― Frederick Douglass

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

We offer highly engaging, interactive and powerful workshops, keynotes and retreats using hands-on, interactive and practical activities that address a number of issues.

Training Topics

Some of the Freechild Institute’s training topics include…

1. Engaging Disengaged Youth 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Specializing on reaching historically disengaged youth, we provide training for adult allies who want to learn theory, methods and outcomes. Our hands-on, interactive approach focuses on practical ways to engage disengaged youth in a variety of settings.

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2. Equity, Not Equality: REAL Youth/Adult Partnerships 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Focuses on relationships between young people and adults. Moving adults from seeing children and youth as the passive recipients of adult decision-making, this workshop teaches practical, concrete pathways to form partnerships between young people and adults at home, in schools, within communities, and throughout our society.

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3. Youth Voice Basics 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Participants in this workshop learn that youth voice is any expression of any young person about any topic anywhere all the time. Youth and adults in this workshop learn how to harness the power of youth voice to create effective, sustainable change in the lives of young people and throughout our communities.

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4. Moving Beyond Youth Voice 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—This workshop is an advanced session for practitioners to study the Cycle of Engagement and how it can be used throughout their lives, programs, organizations, and communities. Participants examine assumptions, critically assess activities, and plan for future action.

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5. Advanced Youth Leadership Training 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Focused on engaging traditionally dis-engaged youth leaders. Youth and adults who are ready to change the world learn the skills, issues, and pathways communities, organizations, and individuals can take towards youth leadership, and different ways youth leadership can change the lives of youth, adults, and the world.

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6. How to Work with Youth 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Training for youth workers, teachers, and other adults who support young people. This workshop maximizes decades of research and experience working with children and youth to support adults becoming allies with children and youth. Adult participants learn practical skills, important issues, and key considerations to successfully working with young people. Barriers are directly addressed, and resources are shared to ensure participant effectiveness in their own settings.

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7. Learning through Action 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—This workshop shows how activism, organizing, community service, and social change are powerful ways to engage young people in learning practical classroom goals. This workshop engages teachers, youth workers, and youth in learning about service, reflection, meeting community needs, and building powerful agents for social change through learning and teaching.

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8. New Roles for Young People Throughout Society 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Participants explore the cultural shifts happening as young people access technology and personalized consumerism. The world they live in is changing, and because of that the institutions that serve them must change, too. Explore those expectations and identifies powerful, effective ways to engage young people.

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9. Engaging Young People in Social Change 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Draws on more than 100 years history of American youth activism. This workshop is a broad overview of effective, meaningful, and sustainable approaches to engaging young people in social change. Participants identify opportunities and challenges for that action.

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10. Basics of Youth Engagement

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—For a long time, the most engaged youth seemed predictable: They were successful, they were connected, and they made adults happy. Today, the picture is a lot different. Adam’s talk focuses audience members on the ways youth engagement is expanding, and how important it is to recognize where youth are engaged right now. Using stories, humor, and examples from his 20+ years experience and research, the audience will be engaged themselves, learning practical, meaningful, and powerful ways to engage all youth, everywhere, all the time!

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11. Project-Based Learning 

(120 minutes; Up to 100 participants)—Discover the purpose and potential of fostering meaningful opportunities for youth engagement through projectbased learning, this session features a short intro to projectbased learning, and highlights dynamic strategies for youth engagement, explores research-driven tools and examines examples locally, nationally and internationally.

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Many other topics are available, as well as technical assistance, program design and evaluation, and more. To learn more, contact us.

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