Books about Youth Engagement


The Freechild Project has created a series of books about youth engagement and more. These books provide guidance, support, lessons and learning about youth voice, youth empowerment, youth/adult partnerships, and more. Download The Freechild Project Books catalogue.

Books by The Freechild Project

1. The Practice of Youth Engagement

Practice of Youth Engagement by Adam Fletcher
This is the The Practice of Youth Engagement by Adam F.C. Fletcher.

(294 pgs, 2014) Essential lessons, powerful examples and deep insight for newcomers and longtime practitioners. Diving into the meaning, activities and outcomes of youth engagement, it provides slicing analysis and strong tips. The%20Practice of Youth Engagement$29.95 from

2. Facing Adultism

The cover of Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher

(190 pgs, 2013) Summarizing a list of downfalls in modern society’s approach to teaching, parenting, and treating children and youth, this book offers new ways adults can stop their negative attitudes and behaviors towards young people. $19.95 from

3. The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide

The Freechild Project Youth-Driven Programming Guide by Adam Fletcher

(38 pgs, 2013) This is an introduction to youth-driven programming for nonprofits, government agencies, and other youth-serving organizations. The booklet gives a definition and compares approaches, and then provides planning tools, evaluations and assessments, and more. It includes the Ladder of Youth Voice, rubrics for assessing youth-driven programming, and links to examples and resources that readers can explore on their own. $15.99 from

4. The Guide to Meaningful Student Involvement

(60 pgs, 2014) Highlighting a practical framework, important considerations, and real-world examples, this Guide is all about engaging students throughout education. Recommended for anyone interested in student voice, student empowerment, student engagement, or building community in schools. FREE.

5. Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change

(20 pgs, 2005). An introductory guide for young people, youth workers, teachers, and others interested in making social change engaging and relevant to all participants. With Kari Kunst. FREE.

6. The Freechild Project Youth Action Guide

(52 pgs, 2013). A publication created to promote taking practical actions to change the world. Includes quick, easy reading that can help young people or adults think about how to find what needs to change, create programs to make that change happen, and promote Youth Action throughout their communities. FREE.

7. A Short Introduction to Youth Engagement

(22 pgs, 2013). A short introduction to the broad concept of youth engagement that moves beyond seeing young peoples’ connectedness as something adults cause, and towards acknowledging it as something young people naturally do. Answers the essential questions of what, how, when, and where youth engagement happens. FREE.

8. A Short Introduction to Youth Engagement in the Economy

(81 pgs, 2015) This guide is a collection of essays addressing youth employment, youth entrepreneurship, youth training, youth banking, youth programs, school classes and other activities designed to promote youth engagement in the economy. FREE.

9. A Short Introduction to Youth Rights

(14 pgs, 2014) An easy-to-read booklet highlighting the basics of youth rights for adults and young people. Includes a glossary, resources, and more. FREE.

10. A Short Guide to Holistic Youth Development

(28 pgs, 2014). This is the first easy-to-read publication ever written about this vital topic. Youth, youth workers, and others will benefit from reading this powerful, positive approach to working with young people. FREE.

11. The Freechild Project Youth Voice Toolkit

(105 pgs, 2011). Comprised of a series of one- and two-page entries, each tool here identifies practices, practical considerations and critical concepts that are focused on engaging Youth Voice, particularly among historically disengaged young people.. FREE.

12. The Freechild Project Youth Engagement Workshop Guide

(71 pgs, 2010). Twenty-four hands-on, interactive workshop outlines that youth and adults can use to teach youth or adults about how to successfully engage young people. Workshops focus on skill-development affecting leadership, voice, and engagement, including workshops on communication, planning, and other topics.. FREE.

13. Washington Youth Voice Handbook

(100 pgs, 2007). An introductory guide that lays out what, why, who, when, where, and how youth voice happens in diverse communities across Washington State. The handbook includes a Youth Voice Assessment, the Washington Youth Voice Directory, and a resource section. FREE.

14. The Freechild Project Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young People

(17 pgs, 2007). Centering on the “Cycle of Youth Engagement,” this publication is a summary of the social change issues and actions addressed by and with young people around the world. With Joseph Vavrus. FREE.

15. Firestarter Youth Empowerment Participant Guidebook

(40 pgs, 2001). A hands-on guide to youth engagement in social change. Includes sections on motivation, skill-building, issue awareness, action planning, and resources. FREE.

16. Firestarter Youth Empowerment Facilitator’s Guide

(12 pgs, 2001). A guide for youth and adult facilitators to the activities used in the Firestarter Program. FREE.

17. Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement Bibliography by Topic

(53 pgs, 2018). A collection of annotated literature from several areas related to youth engagement, including Adultism, Adult Allies, Youth Action, Youth on Boards and Committees, Community Youth Involvement, Government, International Involvement, Philanthropy, Planning, Research, Social Change, Society, and Rights, as well as author Adam Fletcher’s bibliography. FREE.

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