Freechild Institute Tools

Are you a young person who is ready to make change in the world? There are skills, ideas, knowledge and more that can help you. Check out these Freechild Institute tools for action!


Each of the following toolkits features more than 20 resources! Check them out to find information on how to change the world.

  • Youth Action Toolkit: A powerful set of tools for young people to inspire, motivate and transform the world they live in.
  • Youth Engagement Toolkit: Designed to help young people choose positive, powerful things that will change the world.
  • Youth Voice Toolkit: Focused on fostering meaningful expressions of the wisdom, knowledge, ideas and opinions of young people.
  • Youth Involvement Toolkit: Meant to create empowered, sustained roles for young people in organizations.
  • Youth Mainstreaming Toolkit: Created to transform the roles of young people throughout society.
  • Youth Rights Guide: Built for young people to learn, build and grow youth rights through advocacy and action.
  • Facing Adultism Toolkit: Designed to engage young people and adults together in actively defeating bias towards adults and discrimination against youth.
  • Adult Allies Toolkit: Resources for youth workers, educators and others who support young people.

Info Pages

Are you ready to learn more about the most important strategies for youth to change the world? Check out our info pages!

Youth Activities

Young people around the world are taking serious, meaningful and powerful action to create change at home, in their community, at school and other places, too! Following are tip sheets on some of the ways this is happening right now.

Activities and More

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