Additional Resources for Youth Mainstreaming

<< Chapter VI: Next Steps | Introduction to Youth Mainstreaming >> There are several resources available on Youth Mainstreaming. They include some of the following.

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Freechild Project youth at a summer camp in Seattle

Next Steps for Youth Mainstreaming

<< Chapter V: Potential Activities | Chapter VII: Additional Resources >> Taking Action for Youth Mainstreaming is essential. The following suggestions, drawn from The Freechild Project

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Potential Youth Mainstreaming Activities

<< Chapter IV: Critical Elements | Chapter VI: Next Steps >> There are many activities that can be part of your organization or community’s Youth Mainstreaming

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Freechild Project youth program participants in Seattle

Youth Engagement in Youth Action Councils

A Youth Action Council is a group of young people who develop a group approach using their individual abilities in order to solve serious social issues.

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Critical Elements of Youth Mainstreaming

<< Chapter III: Choosing the Right Approach to Youth Mainstreaming | Chapter V: Potential Youth Mainstreaming Activities >> The critical elements of youth mainstreaming don’t vary according to the time,

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