Freechild Project Youth Engagement Practitioners Cadre

Youth Engagement through Voting

The highest civic duty of any person anywhere in any democratic society is voting. That key tool is the highest ability of everyone, but unfortunately,

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Freechild Project youth and adults working together in Seattle

Youth as Volunteers

Volunteering happens when anyone gives their time to a cause they believe in. Without getting paid, engaging youth as volunteers can use natural talents, develop skills, share knowledge, and

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SoundOut Student Voice Team in Seattle

Youth Engagement through Youth-Led Facilitation

Youth as Facilitators. Knowledge comes from study, experience, and reflection. Engaging young people as teachers helps reinforce their commitment to learning and the subject they

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Freechild Project youth protest in Seattle

Youth as Community Organizers

Community organizing happens when leaders bring together everyone in a community in a role that fosters social change. Engaging youth as community organizers can focus on

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Check Your Perspective exercise by The Freechild Project

Youth Engagement through Youth as Designers

Youth participate in creating intentional, strategic plans for an array of activities, including curriculum, building construction, youth and community programs, and more. Engaging youth as designers can lead

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