Students in the SoundOut Summer Camp in Seattle

Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is a way young people can experience the full abilities they are born with in order to live the lives they want to live in

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Buffalo Save the Kids youth hip hop program participant

Youth Engagement in Incarceration

Corporations and politicians who hype crime and demonize young people stand to gain a lot of money, power and influence by building and operating prisons

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Freechild Project youth and adults working together in Seattle

Youth-Led Programs

As young people build their knowledge, skills and abilities to change the world, they should have positive, purposeful opportunities to develop and expand their commitment

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Freechild Project adult ally teaching youth media making skills

Youth and Economics

Designing and producing products, selling services, paying taxes, making consumer choices, critiquing marketing, and saving money are some of the ways young people affect the

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Freechild Project youth in a summer camp session

Youth Mainstreaming

Youth mainstreaming is deliberately creating places and positioning young people throughout society in order to foster full, regular and normalized youth voice everywhere, all of the

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