Youth, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Young people around the world are standing against sexual abuse in many ways. They are joining forces for policy change at state and federal levels; educating their peers and adults; and creating new cultures within families, throughout schools and across communities that do not tolerate abuse, victimization or discrimination against children, youth or adults who are sexually abused. […]

Youth Voice

The Freechild Project defines Youth Voice as the active, distinct, and concentrated ways young people represent themselves throughout society. The Freechild Project has been promoting Youth Voice in nonprofit organizations, schools, foundations and government agencies since it was founded in 2001. Working with a variety of partners across the country, Freechild has learned about Youth […]

Youth and Intergenerational Partnerships

There’s a powerful space where young people and adults can form meaningful, deliberate relationships across generations. Opportunities for youth and intergenerational partnerships can happen throughout community settings, for cultural, educational, social, business, religious and other purposes.   Ways Youth are Changing the World through Intergenerational Partnerships Youth as Mentors — Intentionally creating transparent and mutually beneficial mentorships between young […]

Youth and Sex Education

No person is a blank slate that life just happens at. In relationships, young people learn how to act and what to say from their families, parents, other adults around them, and from other young people. Young people should learn about sexuality from scientifically research sources. It can change the world when children and youth learn and […]

Youth Engagement through Farming

Gardening, farming and otherwise raising food can be a powerful way for young people and adults to work together. Teaching essential lessons about sustainability, production and hard work, engaging youth as farmers can be an exciting way to change the world.   Ways Youth Engagement Happens through Farming Youth-Led Agriculture — Engaging young people in directing and […]