Making Spaces Making Change by the Young Wisdom Project of the Movement Strategy Project

A Review of Making Space – Making Change

Responding to a crisis is not easy work. People who spend day in and out working for the good of other people are often taxed

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Youth, Parents, Parenting and Families

Society changes for a lot of reasons, and the outcomes of those changes. Family structures have been better and worse, good and bad and otherwise.

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Youth and Poverty

Poverty means having very little money, wealth or possessions. Poverty can also include having limited educational, political, social, cultural and physical power. The reality of youth

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Youth Engagement through Farming

Gardening, farming and otherwise raising food can be a powerful way for young people and adults to work together. Teaching essential lessons about sustainability, production

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Freechild Project youth in Seattle

Youth as Makers and Producers

Producing, creating, manufacturing, designing, redesigning, recreating, identifying, specifying, and otherwise making anything is at the heart of the maker movement. Engaging youth as makers can mean empowering them with

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