Adult allies of youth explore what they need to learn for themselves.

Youth and Adults

Young people live in an adult world. Youth and adults constantly interact, react and have transactions with each other. Reliant on adults for basic needs, advanced

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Freechild Project youth in Seattle

Youth and Unschooling

There are alternatives to learning in school. In education systems that force conformity, obedience, standardization and accountability, there are young people who struggle. The reality

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Freechild Project youth with picket signs in Seattle

Youth and Globalization

Around the world, more young people than ever are building a global culture focused on engagement, interaction and democracy. Whether building economies, promoting peace and nonviolence,

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Buffalo Save the Kids youth hip hop program participant

Youth and Hip Hop

Hip hop is a global cultural communication style including the pillars of music, art and dance. Born in urban American environments, the arts of DJing, MCing, graffiti, breakdancing,

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Freechild Project youth program participants in Seattle

Youth and Censorship

Changing the world isn’t necessary if you believe nothing is wrong. Censorship tries to control what people know by controlling how they learn about it. Adults often

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