Freechild Project youth in a forum on homelessness in Olympia, Washington

Youth and Homelessness

There is definitely something wrong with an adult-driven society where economics, politics and culture allow children and youth to be homeless, hungry, unsafe and unwelcomed.

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Youth and the Arts

Art, social change, and young people have always walked hand-in-hand. Engaging youth in the Arts can promote positive, powerful social change in countless art forms, including dance,

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Youth and Poverty

Poverty means having very little money, wealth or possessions. Poverty can also include having limited educational, political, social, cultural and physical power. The reality of youth

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Youth and Commercialism

More stuff than ever is for sale today. Young people buy things. However, youth and commercialism is not a simple relationship between abusive marketers and simplistic

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SoundOut Student Voice Team in Seattle

Youth Engagement through Grantmaking and Philanthropy

Youth in philanthropy identify funding, distribute grants, evaluate effectiveness, and conduct other parts of the process involved in grant-making. When communities create opportunities for youth as grantmakers and

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