"I study to liberate, not to get into debate."

Youth and Gender Equity

Gender equity is the fair distribution of respect, trust, communication, involvement and resources to people who identify as male, female or who are transgendered. It

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Freechild Project youth protest in Seattle

Youth Engagement through Youth-Led Activism 

An approach that intentionally trains young people in community organizing and advocacy, youth-led activism also assists children and youth in putting these skills to action in order to alter

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Youth Voice

The Freechild Project defines Youth Voice as the active, distinct, and concentrated ways young people represent themselves throughout society. The Freechild Project has been promoting

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Freechild Project adult ally teaching youth media making skills

Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Adults depend on children and youth every day. Whether its giving them a role as parents, teachers or youth workers, or having someone to instruct,

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Freechild Project youth and adults working together in Seattle

Youth-Led Programs

As young people build their knowledge, skills and abilities to change the world, they should have positive, purposeful opportunities to develop and expand their commitment

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