Freechild Project youth with picket signs in Seattle

Youth and Student Rights in Schools

As young people learn about citizenship there need to be practical opportunities for them to experience the responsibilities and rights of citizenship. Youth and student rights

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Adult allies of youth explore what they need to learn for themselves.

Youth and Sex Education

No person is a blank slate that life just happens at. In relationships, young people learn how to act and what to say from their families,

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A learner who is homeschooling for social change

Youth and Homeschooling

When used as a tool to positively change the world, homeschooling can be a disruptive way to transform education. Moving outside traditional education systems, youth and

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Freechild Project youth program participants in Seattle

Youth and Censorship

Changing the world isn’t necessary if you believe nothing is wrong. Censorship tries to control what people know by controlling how they learn about it. Adults often

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