Youth + Social Change through Radical Transparency With Children and Youth

After 15 years of promoting youth/adult partnerships, Freechild Institute has decided that one of the most important elements of them, …

Adam Fletcher in Articles April 25

Youth + Social Change through Youth Forums

Placing youth voice at the center of social change, Youth Forums can provide an engaging, empowering way to develop consensus, …

Adam Fletcher in Uncategorized February 21

Youth + Social Change through Youth Action Councils

A Youth Action Council is a group of young people who develop a group approach using their individual abilities in order …

Facing Adultism by Adam Fletcher

Discover a grim reality facing all children and youth today called adultism. Do you feel like society treats young people …

Adam Fletcher in Books February 5

Activist Learning

Activist Learning is an intentional strategy for creating knowledge characterized by taking action to realize just relationships that transform unequal power structures in our personal, social, political, environmental, spiritual, and economic lives. This page describes what it is, how it happens, where it occurs and what difference it can make.

Adam Fletcher in Strategies January 27