Freechild Project youth in a summer camp session

Youth Mainstreaming

Youth mainstreaming is deliberately creating places and positioning young people throughout society in order to foster full, regular and normalized youth voice everywhere, all of the

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Youth in Seattle with a Freechild Project summer camp

Youth and Free Speech

Around the world, generally well-meaning (but poorly informed) adults limit the abilities young people have to express themselves. However, the right to free speech belongs to children

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Adultism happens in the policies, behavior, language, laws, programs, activities, culture and beliefs of our youth orgs, schools, government, businesses, faith orgs, public spaces, businesses and homes.


At the heart of most interactions between children, youth and adults is adultism, the bias towards adults. Whether we’re talking about education, youth work, business, schools, government

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Freechild Project adult ally teaching youth media making skills

Youth and Media

Often portrayed as the passive subjects of media, young people are more than simply targets for media makers. Instead, children and youth today can be critical

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Buffalo Save the Kids youth hip hop program participant

Youth and Hip Hop

Hip hop is a global cultural communication style including the pillars of music, art and dance. Born in urban American environments, the arts of DJing, MCing, graffiti, breakdancing,

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