Youth as Teachers

Facilitating learning for themselves, other youth, adults, or children, youth can be teachers of small and large groups in all kinds of topics. Youth as teachers can facilitate learning, activities and reflection for their peers, children and adults of all ages on all sorts of topics. Education is the property of no one. It belongs to […]

Youth as Planners

When planning programs, operations, activities, and other events and activities, youth can benefit nonprofits, schools, their homes, and any other institution throughout society. Engaging youth as planners can provide resources for youth, adults and others throughout the community. Planning is involved in everything we do. Either we plan our lives and our world, or we let someone else […]

Youth Engagement for Youth as Decision-Makers

Through formal and informal decision-making, youth as decision-makers are engaged in making powerful, meaningful and substantive choices, decisions and determinations that affect themselves, their peers, their communities, and the world. A lot of youth-focused activities, organizations, and programs are run by adults. However, anytime adults are charged with managing programs for children or youth they must take […]