Youth and Poverty

Poverty means having very little money, wealth or possessions. Poverty can also include having limited educational, political, social, cultural and physical power. The reality of youth

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Freechild Project youth protest in Seattle

Youth and Child Labor

In communities around the world, including the United States and other industrialized countries, there are countless numbers of young people who work for a living.

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Youth and Commercialism

More stuff than ever is for sale today. Young people buy things. However, youth and commercialism is not a simple relationship between abusive marketers and simplistic

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Freechild Project youth with picket signs in Seattle

Youth and Globalization

Around the world, more young people than ever are building a global culture focused on engagement, interaction and democracy. Whether building economies, promoting peace and nonviolence,

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Freechild Project youth making a trail

Youth Engagement through Entrepreneurship

When youth recognize a problem or challenge in the world, they can use entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to organize, create, and manage activities that change the

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