Freechild Project Youth Engagement Practitioners Cadre


Taking action, making change, experiencing new adventures… these are awesome reasons to get out and do something. But the richness of the experience and the

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Youth and the Arts

Art, social change, and young people have always walked hand-in-hand. Engaging youth in the Arts can promote positive, powerful social change in countless art forms, including dance,

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Buffalo Save the Kids youth hip hop program participant

Youth and Hip Hop

Hip hop is a global cultural communication style including the pillars of music, art and dance. Born in urban American environments, the arts of DJing, MCing, graffiti, breakdancing,

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Youth Engagement for Youth as Artists

Creating any kind of art, making any kind of art, or demonstrating any kind of art can allow youth as artists to change the world. Youth artists can entertain

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Freechild Project youth in Seattle

Youth as Makers and Producers

Producing, creating, manufacturing, designing, redesigning, recreating, identifying, specifying, and otherwise making anything is at the heart of the maker movement. Engaging youth as makers can mean empowering them with

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