Check Your Perspective exercise by The Freechild Project

Youth as Evaluators

Engaging youth as evaluators Assessing and evaluating the effects of programs, classes, activities, and projects can promote Youth Voice in powerful ways. Young people can learn

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Freechild Project adult ally teaching youth media making skills

Youth as Specialists

Envisioning roles for youth to teach youth is relatively easy; seeing new roles for youth to teach adults is more challenging. Youth as specialists bring

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SoundOut Student Voice Team in Seattle

Youth as Grantmakers and Philanthropists

Youth in philanthropy identify funding, distribute grants, evaluate effectiveness, and conduct other parts of the process involved in grant-making. When communities create opportunities for youth as grantmakers and

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Students in the SoundOut Summer Camp in Seattle

Youth as Lobbyists

Influencing policy-makers, legislators, politicians, and the people who work for them are among the activities for youth as lobbyists. With their unique insights, passion and

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Youth as Recruiters

Youth building excitement, sharing motivation, or otherwise helping their communities or people to get involved, create change, or make all sorts of things happen can

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