Freechild Institute School Assemblies

Free children are not easily influenced; the absence of fear accounts for this phenomenon. Indeed, the absence of fear is the finest thing that can happen to a child. — A.S. Neill

The FREECHILD INSTITUTE offers school assembly programs to empower youth to take action to change the world, starting at their school and throughout their community.

The ultimate goal is to ensure youth know their power and ability to change the world. Freechild does this by making it possible for young people to have more opportunities to be empowered and create empowered, meaningful change throughout the places they live and learn everyday.

Now in its third year, more than 7,000 youth have participated in Freechild Institute programs across the United States and Canada. Together with the involvement of local K-12 schools, community-based nonprofits, local funders, and government agencies, the FREECHILD INSTITUTE will further its progress by expanding its reach and impact in the years ahead.


How Does the Freechild Institute Work?

The FREECHILD INSTITUTE responds to real-world needs in today’s schools and communities with an exciting, dynamic and responsive assembly presentation for students in elementary, middle, and senior high school, as well as young people in community programs and colleges. We can use our training program and tools that complement – not compete with – the academics-focused environment of schools and the change-oriented objectives of nonprofits.

The FREECHILD INSTITUTE’s design allows young people and adults to determine which approach best helps meet their communities social change needs. It features highly interactive activities, powerful skill-building activities, meaningful knowledge-sharing opportunities, and step-by step guidance for young people to change the world.

Key Program Elements


  • Engaging, example-filled and relevant school assembly presentations by dynamic, responsive facilitators
  • Free online resources for young people that include examples, issues and actions to help identify the focus of youth who want to change the world.
  • The powerful Freechild Project Youth Handbook, which is a collection of strategies that help young people change the world throughout the day, every day.
  • The FREECHILD INSTITUTE Challenges provided throughout the school year to keep youth excited and engaged in changing the world. They are designed to supplement and reinforce the plans of young people in a creative way.
  •, provides examples and resources, and serves as an online portal to share successes and learn from other youth. The website also includes a searchable database of actions and issues, details around different strategies, and more.

Bring the FREECHILD INSTITUTE to Your School!

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