Youth participants in a Freechild program.


The Freechild Institute partners with organizations worldwide to design, facilitate, and evaluate programs that build youth engagement. Some of our programs include:

Practitioners Cadres—Freechild seeks to build the practice of youth engagement locally, nationally and internationally be establishing professional learning communities. We do this by bringing together disparate groups of youth workers, managers, executives, parents, teachers, school administrators, counselors, and others who identify youth engagement as central to their work. Convening several times annually, participants reflect, examine, critique and re-imagine youth engagement. The outcomes of the cadres include publication of best practices and more, as well as certification as Freechild Youth Engagement Practitioners.

Camps—Partnering with K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations in communities across the country, Freechild facilitates youth engagement camps in local communities. Including up to 80 hours of programming over two weeks, youth attend these day-long, non-residential programs to learn the strategies, actions and knowledge they need to transform the places they care about the most. Freechild camps are hands-on, deep and powerful, and youth often leave forever changed with a commitment to make the world a better place.

Community Retreats—Freechild partners with organizations across the US to facilitate community retreats. These learning opportunities are intensive, interactive sessions designed to inspire, enlighten and empower every member of a local community—including youth, parents, government workers, teachers and others—to facilitate youth engagement. Focusing on practical skills and meaningful knowledge, Freechild retreats can foster community-wide momentum and commitment, securing action for youth engagement for a generation or more.

Curriculum—Freechild offers two curricular programs that give teachers and youth workers the tools they need to teach youth about changing the world. One program is focused on youth engaging in community transformation; the other is focused on students engaging in school reform. Both offer complete lesson plans with handouts, facilitator guides and more that empower facilitators to successfully implement action. The curricula also come complete with evaluation materials.

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