Freechild Institute Focus Areas

At Freechild, we focus on what matters most for the present and future of our world—positive, powerful social change led by and with young people. For more than 20 years, we have been helping seed these actions and we want to help you, too!

Freechild Institute Focus Areas

  • Youth EngagementYoung people are making meaningful connections everyday. We share how it happens, where it happens, who is doing it, and why it matters.
  • Youth VoiceYouth are sharing their voices all of the time. Are adults ready and willing to listen? We identify all the meaningful considerations.
  • Youth InvolvementOrganizations need to make space and create opportunities for young people to engage in what matters, and youth involvement allows them to.
  • Youth/Adult PartnershipsEquitable intergenerational activities and roles allow young people and adults to change the world everyday. Find out how here.
  • Youth EmpowermentThere’s a layer of opportunity for every young person to change their lives and the world. Youth empowerment builds the skills, knowledge and chances youth have to find those opportunities.
  • Youth LeadershipEvery young person can have more chances to lead themselves, their peers and our communities. Youth leadership goes outside the norm to make new spaces.
  • Youth Mainstreaming—When every young person has every opportunity to affect the communities they belong to through policy, practice and more, they are mainstreaming.
  • Youth RightsVoting rights, civic engagement, student rights and more await for every youth. Youth rights highlights the roles and responsibilities that make those rights inalienable.
  • AdultismFacing the bias towards adults and discrimination against youth is vital for changing the world today. This area emphasizes that vitality, and what everyone can do to make a difference.

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