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Since 2001, the Freechild Institute has supported with more than 500 organizations across the United States and around the world in order to engage young people in social change. We serve a variety of people, including…


After working with 1,000,000 young people in hundreds of communities, Freechild is determined to engage every child and youth in every community all of the time, focused on positive, powerful social change.

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If you are a youth worker, classroom teacher, counselor, nonprofit leader, elected official, parent, or other adult who wants to engage youth, we want to support you.

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Freechild’s work in communities has built partnerships with informal community groups; nonprofit community-based organizations; local, state/province, and national organizations, and international NGOs.

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City, county, state/province, and federal government agencies contract with Freechild to provide professional development, facilitate special projects, conduct evaluations and research and more to support youth engagement.

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K-12 schools, districts and state education agencies use Freechild’s expertise to develop programs, coordinate special projects, and facilitate student training and teacher professional development on a number of issues related to youth engagement.

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