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Creating a Youth Engagement Map

When we’re planning for youth engagement, its important to have a vision, dream big and hope for the absolute best. Its vital to hold out for the most positive, powerful outcomes no matter what the odds, and to stick our necks out. However, to do that best we should put youth engagement plans on paper or type them up and share them with the people involved.

Here’s a process Freechild uses with youth and adults to map youth engagement.

  1. Define a goal. Name what exactly you’d like to do; don’t just say, “Engage youth.” Instead, name who, what, when, where, why and how you’re going to engage youth.
  2. Identify allies. Find younger and older people who will support you while you’re engaging youth.
  3. Identify likely challenges. There are a lot of forces working against youth engagement; name them.
  4. Uncover layers of power. Power affects youth engagement a lot. Name the ways, show their faces and write them down.
  5. Develop a strategy. There’s no magic wand and it doesn’t often just happen. How exactly are you going to engage youth?
  6. Create a message. Young people are saturated by media of all kinds. Appealing to them requires a real message that’s authentically delivered to them. What’s your message?
  7. Get out there. How are you taking action for youth engagement? What are the places, people, preparations and outcomes you’re looking for? Get to work!
  8. Create a calendar. Show people how, where and when youth engagement is going to happen by creating a visual calendar and sharing it.
  9. Estimate needed resources. Youth engagement takes resources – what are yours?
  10. Monitor and evaluate. Keep your eyes open, your heart beating, your feet on the ground and your hands in the mud through monitoring and evaluation.


Once you’ve started a youth engagement map, consider what’s missing, find other people to contribute, and keep building!


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