Traits of Adult Allies

There are a lot of adults who want to make a difference in the world by becoming an adult ally to young people. However, many get frustrated because they don’t know what it takes. This article is about the traits of adult allies.

Listening to Young People

In order to be adult allies, adults have to learn to listen to children and listen to youth. Listening can be simple, painless and easy; it can also be complex, painful and hard. Either way, adults have to learn to listen to young people in order to get past just hearing what they said. This is how adult allies listen to young people.

How Organizations Can Foster Youth Engagement

For almost 20 years, the Freechild Institute has been training and consulting youth-serving organizations about youth changing the world, including youth engagement and youth voice. We have learned a lot, including how organizations can engage youth. Here are the steps to transform and sustain organizational youth engagement.

Youth Engagement in Government Agencies

The Freechild Institute supports youth engagement in government services. Our services include program planning, professional development, coaching services, project evaluation …

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Understanding Roles for Youth in Community Development

This week I’ve had the honor of participating in a Thinkery in London with the Community Development Journal, an international …