Freechild Youth Handbook

Free children are not easily influenced; the absence of fear accounts for this phenomenon. Indeed, the absence of fear is the finest thing that can happen to a child. — A.S. Neill Who are you? What matters to YOU? What do you want to do right now? The Freechild Institute wants YOU to have the tools and […]

Stories of Youth Changing the World

The following stories are about young people who decided there was a need in their community, and then took action to meet that need.  Some projects were one-time, and some are on going.  These stories can inspire, infuriate, and empower youth to change the world, and adults to be partners. Cleanin’ It Up and Changing Our […]

Additional Resources for Youth Mainstreaming

<< Chapter VI: Next Steps | Introduction to Youth Mainstreaming >> There are several resources available on Youth Mainstreaming. They include some of the following. “Mainstreaming of Youth” presentation by Kassoum Coulibaly for UNESCO. Formatted as a PDF document, this 2006 presentation shares the basics of Youth Mainstreaming from the perspective of UNESCO. “UNESCO – […]

Next Steps for Youth Mainstreaming

<< Chapter V: Potential Activities | Chapter VII: Additional Resources >> Taking Action for Youth Mainstreaming is essential. The following suggestions, drawn from The Freechild Project experiences and research, can help leaders get started with this effective and cutting-edge strategy. 1. Engage youth in every aspect of the Youth Mainstreaming planning process. Youth must be directly, equitably […]

Potential Youth Mainstreaming Activities

<< Chapter IV: Critical Elements | Chapter VI: Next Steps >> There are many activities that can be part of your organization or community’s Youth Mainstreaming strategy. They include the following activities. Youth Action Councils — Woven into the lifeblood of an organization or community, YACs can build commitment, action and outcomes into Youth Mainstreaming. Youth as […]