Systems for Youth Engagement

Whether we’re talking about obvious systems like education, health care and juvenile justice, or less tangible systems like culture and families, it is important to understand how each of these systems affects youth engagement.

Adam Fletcher in Articles October 14

4 Elements Youth Need for Social Change

Here are the 4 elements Freechild Institute has found that youth need for social change!

Adam Fletcher in Tools August 4

Adults With Learner Mind

Learner mind is the experience of staying open, honest, humble and accepting of opportunities to learn, examine, critique and explore who we are, how we are and what we do in life. Adults with learner mind are committed to learning from young people as well as other adults.

Adults Being Humble

It is important for adult allies of young people to have humility. Humility is a modest view of your own importance. It means adults see who we really are and what we actually do with young people.

Youth Voice on the Internet

This article shares information about youth voice on the internet, including types, expressions, and a continuum of youth voice online. It was written by Adam Fletcher for the Freechild Institute.