Eliminate the Voting Age Entirely

I believe we must eliminate the voting age entirely. For almost 20 years, Freechild has forwarded this idea. Let’s begin …

Adam Fletcher in Issues August 20

Youth Voice on the Internet

This article shares information about youth voice on the internet, including types, expressions, and a continuum of youth voice online. It was written by Adam Fletcher for the Freechild Institute.

Youth and Gun Control

Guns are everywhere across the United States. After being massacred in schools and neighborhoods throughout the nation’s cities, suburbs and …

Adam Fletcher in Issues February 24

Youth, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Young people around the world are standing against sexual abuse in many ways. They are joining forces for policy change at state …

Adam Fletcher in Issues March 23

Social Justice Links

The Freechild Project focuses on youth changing the world. Our theory of change focuses on youth engagement throughout the world around them, …

Adam Fletcher in Issues February 3