Government Office of Youth Engagement

If your government agency or elected official is considering addressing young people, this article shares some considerations and ways to establish a government youth engagement office.

Adam Fletcher in Actions November 17

Focus On Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment happens when young people get the ability to do something. This can happen through education, activities, positions, or …

Adam Fletcher in Actions September 1

Youth + Social Change in Democratic Education

By focusing on justice, equality and meaningful experiences, democratic education can be a powerful tool for youth + social change.

Youth + Social Change through Youth Popular Education

Creating spaces for youth and popular education can support dynamic, powerful and just opportunities for social justice, youth empowerment and community …

Adam Fletcher in Actions June 21

Youth Engagement in Portland, Oregon

Back in the early 2000s, Portland, Oregon, was another midline American city with nothing special happening. Sure, they had a …

Adam Fletcher in Examples April 17