Youth as Recruiters

Youth building excitement, sharing motivation, or otherwise helping their communities or people to get involved, create change, or make all sorts of things happen can

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Freechild Project youth making a trail

Youth Engagement through Entrepreneurship

When youth recognize a problem or challenge in the world, they can use entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to organize, create, and manage activities that change the

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Freechild Project youth in Seattle

Youth as Workers

When organizations, businesses, agencies, and other groups hire youth, they can be staff members in programs for adults, other youth, children, or for the community

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Youth as Mentors

Mentoring should be a non-hierarchical relationship between youth and adults, adults and youth, or among youth themselves, that helps facilitate learning and guidance for each participant.

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Youth Engagement for Youth as Decision-Makers

Through formal and informal decision-making, youth as decision-makers are engaged in making powerful, meaningful and substantive choices, decisions and determinations that affect themselves, their peers, their communities,

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