Focus On Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment happens when young people get the ability to do something. This can happen through education, activities, positions, or …

Adam Fletcher in Actions September 1

Eliminate the Voting Age Entirely

I believe we must eliminate the voting age entirely. For almost 20 years, Freechild has forwarded this idea. Let’s begin …

Adam Fletcher in Issues August 20

4 Elements Youth Need for Social Change

Here are the 4 elements Freechild Institute has found that youth need for social change!

Adam Fletcher in Tools August 4

Traits of Adult Allies

There are a lot of adults who want to make a difference in the world by becoming an adult ally to young people. However, many get frustrated because they don’t know what it takes. This article is about the traits of adult allies.

Listening to Young People

In order to be adult allies, adults have to learn to listen to children and listen to youth. Listening can be simple, painless and easy; it can also be complex, painful and hard. Either way, adults have to learn to listen to young people in order to get past just hearing what they said. This is how adult allies listen to young people.