Youth as Mentors

Mentoring should be a non-hierarchical relationship between youth and adults, adults and youth, or among youth themselves, that helps facilitate learning and guidance for each participant. Roles for youth as mentors can position them as equitable partners with adults who work together to build skills, share knowledge and transform communities in mutually engaging, intentional relationships.   Ways […]

Youth Engagement for Youth as Decision-Makers

Through formal and informal decision-making, youth as decision-makers are engaged in making powerful, meaningful and substantive choices, decisions and determinations that affect themselves, their peers, their communities, and the world. A lot of youth-focused activities, organizations, and programs are run by adults. However, anytime adults are charged with managing programs for children or youth they must take […]

Youth Engagement through Youth as Activity Leaders

Engaging youth as activity leaders in nonprofits, community organizations, and other areas includes young people facilitating, teaching, guiding, directing, and otherwise leading youth, adults, and children in a variety of ways.   Ways Youth Engagement Happens for Youth as Activity Leaders Youth as Cultural Facilitators — Young people can do more than simply learn about culture. Instead, youth […]