Freechild Institute Activities

Along with this website featuring 250+ resources, Freechild Institute supports youth + social change through capacity building for nonprofit organizations, K-12 schools, government programs, and more.


Consulting: Freechild provides experience-driven and research-proven program design, delivery and evaluation services, as well as organizational development and more. Learn more »

Community Workshops: Provided for parents, youth workers, educators and others, Freechild workshops are dynamic, engaging and empowering learning events packed with excitement and increased abilities! Learn more »

Youth Training: Freechild youth trainings are hands-on, responsive and fun learning spaces focused on increasing the skills and knowledge young people need to change the world. Learn more »

Retreats: Creating intensive, engaging, deep learning experiences provides Freechild with the space and place to transform learning and leadership in communities and beyond! Learn more »

School Assemblies: Freechild provides dynamic, powerful and engaging school assemblies for groups of all sizes. Focused on youth making positive changes in their own lives, we feature stories, energy and transformation for all students! Learn more »

Program: Dynamic activities, powerful learning goals, and flexible lesson plans are just some of the hallmarks of our action-based, youth-driven program! Learn more »


The Freechild Institute approach works in a variety of places throughout communities, including families, communities, school, sports, employers, nonprofits, healthcare, businesses, recreation, parks, religious communities, and others. The services we offer can happen at conferences, staff meetings, retreats, community events and other spaces, too.

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