Advisory Board

Since 2001, Freechild Institute has held Advisory Board has contributed greatly to the development, expansion and sustainability of our work. We turn to these leaders, experts, and mentors to help us navigate the vast breadth of youth changing the world. Their organizations are listed here for informational purposes only and do not imply support.

Past volunteers and advisors include… Dana Bennis, Dennis Harper, Jennifer Fischer, Jamal Briggs Donaldson, Andrea Felix, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Heather Manchester, LaNovia Meuse, Jason Puz, Joe Vavrus, Kari Kunst, Adrienne Wiley-Thomas, Jimmy Livengood, Michael Vavrus, Andy Rosser, Jessica Vavrus, Chelsea Nehler, Charlotte Harris, Jennifer Springsteen, Greg Williamson, Doug Smith, Patty Finnegan, Ilana Mullen, Nasue Nishida, Beth Kelly, Shanti Sattler, Julian Apilado, Kandi Bauman, Ramesh Deekonda, Gary Gorland, Andrea Hanson, Blair Hyatt, Adam Kendall, Anne Peppard, Ashley Price, Steve Schwartz, Aaron Bitterman, Jennifer Olsen, Rev. Kofi Boateng

Special thanks to Colin Ahrens for the original Freechild logo art.

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