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The Freechild Institute for Youth Engagement supports, sustains and advocates partnerships between young people and adults throughout society.

Freechild's Adam Fletcher at a youth summit in Vancouver WA in 2018
This is Freechild’s Adam Fletcher speaking at a youth summit in 2018.

To do this, we work across the U.S., Canada, and around the world. Our main work is with youth workers, educators, organization leaders, government workers and others to develop cultures, support attitudes and transform systems. Freechild convenes gatherings, connects partners and takes action to advance youth engagement everywhere, all of the time.

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The Freechild Institute advances youth engagement worldwide directly by…

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Freechild Project youth with picket signs in Seattle

Freechild helps individuals and organizations learn about the power of young people. We partner with all kinds of organization to infuse youth power throughout their actions and outcomes. We also facilitate gatherings for youth and their allies to share wisdom, challenge norms and build youth/adult partnerships into the lifeblood of communities. Learn more about youth engagement »

New Resources

This is a map of any city showing citywide youth engagement by Adam Fletcher for Freechild Institute.
  • Citywide Youth Engagement—In late 2018, we released new resources for organizations that want to advance youth engagement at the citywide level. Policies, practices and outcomes are explored, along with success stories and new possibilities. Learn more about citywide youth engagement »
  • Youth Engagement Evaluations—Assessing the role of youth engagement in your organization or community no longer has to be a mystery! The Freechild Institute has developed a robust, research-based tool for youth and adults to find out how youth engagement works in their settings. We have also collected tools from other organizations for you to choose from. Learn more about youth engagement assessments »