The Youth Positive Mindset Workshop

Freechild Project youth and adult workshop participants

Whether out-of-school, at home, during the school day or elsewhere, youth development sparks learning, drives empowerment, fuels education, and offers solutions to a range of challenges in our communities and the individual lives of young people. But before those sparks and drivers start up, an Youth Positive Mindset must be in place as a catalyst.


A Youth Positive Mindset helps adults who work with young people create value by recognizing and acting on opportunities, making decisions with limited information, and remaining adaptable and resilient with children and youth in situations that are uncertain and complex.

There are three traits of Youth Positive Mindsets:

  1. Youth Positive Mindsets are optimistic about young people and the events in their lives, see problems as opportunities, and acknowledge youth as parts of interdependent communities who are necessary, not a burden.
  2. Youth Positive Mindsets are adaptable, embracing change and showing resilience by shifting when needed and changing to meet needs.
  3. Youth Positive Mindsets are non-fragile, demonstrating love, intelligence and action in the lives of young people while constantly keeping the whole community at the center.

Workshop Description

This workshop is an experiential, problem-based learning session designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of a Youth Positive Mindset. During this workshop, participants will learn concepts, solve identified problems, find and apply new knowledge, and be prepared to take action and cope with uncertainty and challenges that they confront through their Youth Positive Mindset.


In this workshop, participants will…

  • Understand the Youth Positive Mindset
  • Explore How to create Youth Positive Environments
  • Identify How to Solving Problems and Take Ownership
  • Cultivate a Youth Positive Mindset For the Classroom and In the Community
  • Learn Ways to Sustain the Youth Positive Mindset throughout the School Year

Freechild offers public and private Youth Positive Mindset Workshops at your organization or for your community. Contact us for more information including fees and scheduling.

About Us

The Freechild Institute is a global thought leader dedicated to engaging young people in changing the world. Freechild serves nonprofits, K-12 schools, government agencies, associations, and other organizations around the world to empower youth and adults with a youth-positive mindset through professional development, certification training, curriculum content, and consulting.

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