Freechild Institute Youth Involvement Toolkit

The Freechild Institute Youth Involvement Toolkit

There are a LOT of ways youth are engaged in changing the world today! One of the most powerful and long-lasting ways is called youth involvement, and it has wonderful stories, resources, and possibilities for youth today and in the future. The Freechild Institute has supported hundreds of organizations as they have developed purposeful programs focused on youth involvement, and we want to share the tools we’ve made with you.

Youth Involvement Tools

  • Basics of Youth Involvement: This is an introduction to youth involvement including how it happens and what is needed for it to happen.
  • Success Stories: A collection of brief snippets highlighting the depth, breadth and meaning of youth involvement across the United States.
  • The Logic of Youth Involvement: Focused on making the case for youth involvement, this page highlights the thinking that supports youth involvement throughout nonprofits, government, and communities.
  • Fostering Youth Involvement: Five practical steps are highlighted in this page, giving readers a fast, powerful way to begin youth involvement.
  • How to Involve Youth: Ten actual activities are featured here focused on how to involve youth right now, whether in-person, online or otherwise.
  • Youth Involvement Planning Tool: Offering substantive lessons and meaningful tips, this page provides actual steps to creating youth involvement opportunities in your organization.
  • Barriers to Youth Involvement: Being honest is a key to Freechild’s approach, and here are some of the major barriers preventing youth involvement from being successful.
  • Youth Involvement as a Kludge: This page calls adults to the carpet for using youth involvement to fix larger social problems that youth should be a part of, but not wholly depended on in order to solve.
  • Youth Involvement Evaluation Tool: Taking a thorough and refreshing examination of youth involvement, this page offers 10 important considerations for any organization to use in evaluating youth involvement.
  • Youth Involvement Bibliography: By providing more than 20 publications focused on youth involvement, we’re helping build the field, share best practices and highlight the powerful work that’s been done in the past to build youth involvement.

Freechild Institute offers many other tools that might benefit people interested in youth involvement. Many of our toolkits are related, including:

You can find links to each page mentioned here on every page in our Youth Involvement Toolkit. We want you to share your thoughts on those pages, including additional tools, examples, concerns and more!