Youth Rights Resources

Freechild Institute Youth Rights Toolkit

The Freechild Institute has created many resources focused on youth rights. They include everything in our Youth Rights Toolkit.

IntroductionThis section introduces the idea of youth rights, including what it is, what they do, who they are for and why they matter.

What Are Rights?Summarizing the concept of rights, this section also address responsibilities and roles as they relate to youth rights.

Who Are Youth?Identifying who youth rights are for is a key to understanding youth rights.

What Are Youth Rights?This is a basic introduction to what youth rights exist, which ones should exist and what difference they make.

Traditional Youth RightsUnderstanding the typical ways of seeing youth rights is essential for gaining more youth rights.

Convention on the Rights of the ChildThis international instrument for youth rights was created by the United Nations and is in effect in almost every country in the world today.

Youth Rights in SchoolsExploring student rights in schools, this section offers a summary and explanation of what happens and why.

Nontraditional Youth Rights IssuesThis section explores dozens of rights affecting youth in some places but not others, and in some ways but not others.

Expanding Youth RightsIf youth are respected, appreciated and acknowledged for their roles around the world, they need more rights.

A Short History of the Youth Rights MovementThere’s an international movement to expand youth rights that goes back more than a century.

Today’s Youth Rights MovementYouth activists and advocates are organizing to gain more rights locally, nationally and internationally.

The Future of Youth RightsLooking into the crystal ball, this section explains what is going to happen in the near future for youth everywhere.

Youth Rights LibraryThis section is a collection of publications available online and in-print to teach about the depth, breadth and meaning of youth rights today.

Youth Rights ResourcesThis page is an explanation of all the tools in the Freechild Institute Youth Rights Toolkit.

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