Youth Involvement Toolkit

The Freechild Institute Youth Involvement Toolkit

Sustained, meaningful involvement is a key to engaging youth with purpose, power and belonging.

The Freechild Institute is building an international movement to build, increase, sustain and expand youth involvement throughout the activities, programs, organizations and communities they belong within.

We are doing this with a campaign focused on education, including social media, print materials, training and evaluation. Our international training team will travel to your community or conference to help build this movement.

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Types of Youth Involvement

Youth involvement can happen a lot of ways. Mostly the practice focuses on informal and formal activities where young people share their knowledge, ideas, opinions and more. Sometimes youth have full membership and regular positions; other times they are ad hock, temporary or situational attendees in various activities. In youth involvement, rules may be amended, but they might not. Adults might be trained to involve youth, but they might not be. The practice varies widely according to a number of factors.

Formal Youth Involvement

Through formal, practical ways young people are involved in organizations, transforming communities, and affecting issues globally. Here are some types of formal youth involvement.

Informal Youth Involvement

There are also many informal ways for youth involvement to happen. Here are some types of informal youth involvement.

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