Youth Engagement in Government Agencies

The Freechild Project Strategies for Youth to Change the World

The Freechild Institute supports youth engagement in government services. Our services include program planning, professional development, coaching services, project evaluation and more. We have also created a number of resources that may be valuable to government agencies.

  • Youth Engagement Mapping—This self-guided process can examine current and potential youth engagement by identifying data, processes and other avenues.
  • Citywide Youth Engagement Strategies—Working alongside city-level agencies, Freechild Institute assists with developing citywide youth engagement strategies.
  • Youth and Government—This resource page identifies current practices to foster youth engagement in governance and shares potential ways to expand on those activities.
  • Understanding Roles for Youth in Community Development—This short reflection explores opportunities for youth in community development, along with concerns about what is happening, and possibilities for what could happen.
  • Strategic Youth Mainstreaming—Freechild has adapted this European approach to youth engagement that focuses on popularizing youth engagement to the broadest extent by removing barriers and more.

For more information about our services supporting youth engagement in government, contact us now.

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