Spectrum of Youth Action

Freechild Institute Spectrum of Youth Action, https://freechild.org
This is the Spectrum of Youth Action from the Freechild Institute.

In order to understand the breadth and ability of youth to change the world, we have to understand what exactly is happening through youth action. Over the course of working with hundreds of organizations across North America in the last 20 years, Freechild Institute has learned, listened and led dozens of projects focused on youth action.

To share our experience, we’ve summarized some of our learning into this graphic we’re calling a Spectrum of Youth Action. It includes five main points:

  1. Youth Voice⁠ is any expression of any young person anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Learn more »
  2. Youth Involvement⁠ is the systematic placement of young people to affect, drive, or take action within an activity, organization or community. Learn more »
  3. Youth Engagement⁠ is when youth choose the same thing over and over. Learn more »
  4. Youth Empowerment⁠ is when young people take charge of their lives, actions and surroundings. Learn more »
  5. Youth Participation⁠ is when young people actively belong in activities, organizations or communities. Learn more »

Use the links above to learn more about the points on the Spectrum of Youth Action.

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