Youth Voice Organizations

The Freechild Institute Youth Voice Toolkit

It is important to recognize that there are literally thousands of Youth Voice programs around the world. Whether or not they recognize it, each action in every community, ever village and city, every province and state, every nation and every international effort is part of a movement promoting Youth Voice, youth engagement and youth empowerment. Following is a short list of organizations that address a variety of Youth Voice activities. They are the best-known and largest sources available today for Youth Voice.

Please share your organization or program in the comments section below!

Children, Youth, and Environments (CYE) Center for Research and Design – CYE is an international, multidisciplinary network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners working to improve the living conditions of children and youth by improving young people’s capacity for meaningful participation in the processes that shape their lives. University of Colorado, College of Architecture and Planning, Campus Box 314, Boulder, CO 80309. (303) 735-5199.

Community Partnerships with Youth (CPY) – CPY is a national training, resource design and technical assistance organization that specializes in Youth as Trustees of their communities, Youth in Governance, and Youth as Philanthropists. 6744 Falcon Ridge Crt, Indianapolis, IN 46278. (317) 875-5756.

Do Something – Seeks to inspire, award, and celebrate the work of young people to change their world through an interactive website, community training, classroom curricula, and monetary prizes. 423 West 55th St, 8th Fl, New York, NY 10019. (212) 523-1175.

The Freechild Project – Supports youth-driven social change efforts around the world. Freechild highlights thousands of organizations, publications, websites, and resources from hundreds of topic areas focused on youth involvement. PO Box 6185, Olympia, WA 98507. (360) 489-9680.

McCreary Center – Their youth participation and youth action initiatives provide a variety of resources. Located in McCreary, British Columbia, the Center features unique tools and more.

Movement Strategy Center (MSC) – MSC is committed to advancing the next generation of leaders for a sustainable progressive movement. We are building local, regional and national networks of young activists across issues, constituencies and geographies. 1611 Telegraph Ave, Ste 510, Oakland, CA 94612. (510) 444-0640.

Parents Leadership Institute – Works to foster healthy parent-child relationships that will last a lifetime by providing classes, workshops, support groups and leadership training courses for both parents and professionals. PO Box 1279, Palo Alto, CA 94302. (650) 322-5323.

Program for Youth and Community – Renowned researcher Barry Checkoway’s program aims to strengthen the active participation of young people in the institutions and decisions that affect their lives. It includes projects which build the capacity of young people and adult allies to increase individual involvement, build organizational capacity, and create community change. UM School of Social Work, 1080 S. University Ave. Ann Arbor, MI 48109. (734) 763-5960.

SoundOut – Promotes student voice in schools through an online portal that provides examples, research, publications, discussion forums, and organizations to students, educators, and others. A sister program of The Freechild Project. PO Box 6185, Olympia, WA 98507. (360) 489-9680.

Youth Activism Project – Wendy Lesko’s organization encourages young people to move their ideas into action by advocating before school boards, city council and in other public policy arenas. Offers books, training and other resources as well as free materials and technical assistance for youth-led adult-supported community change. PO Box E, Kensington, MD 20895 (800) KID-POWER.

Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) – Designs and implements community-based programs that provide youth with leadership skills in the areas of prevention, philanthropy, and policy and civic engagement. Building on these real-world program experiences, YLI creates evidence-based curriculum and training programs that enable us to engage in social change efforts across the nation, all while promoting best practices in the field of youth development. 246 First Street, Ste 400, San Francisco, CA 94105. (415) 836-9160.

Youth On Board – Prepares youth to be leaders and decision makers in their communities and strengthens relationships between youth and adults. 58 Day Street Somerville, MA 02144. (617) 623-9900x1242.

Youth Service America YSA helps young people find their voice, take action, and make an impact on vital community issues. 1101 15th Street NW, Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20005 Main Phone: 202-296-2992.

Youth Venture – Strives to reach and support any young person nationwide who has a dream about how to make a difference, and the commitment to make it happen. 1700 N. Moore Street, Ste 2000, Arlington, VA 22209. (703) 527-4126 x 316.



Other tools are out there, too – share your thoughts in the comments below! For more information about how The Freechild Project can help support youth voice in your community or organization, contact us.

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