Many organizations and individuals around the world have identified the need for research as a top priority to forward youth involvement, activism, action, and participation.  There is also a need to develop a comprehensive agenda that will guide students, researchers, professionals, and the foundations that fund them. Likewise, many youth organizations want to get connected, learn about other organizations, get resources, and find out about social change around the world.



The following resources are from around the world.  They are research organizations, publications, and websites that provide information about young people and social change. None of the following topics are independent of each other; each is simply categorized to give some inclination about what is available. 


Research on Young People in Society

Research on Young People, Civic Engagement, Citizenship, and Democracy

Research on Youth Development, Community Development, and Positive Youth Development


Research on Young People, Social Justice, Community Building, and Governance


Research on Young People, Education, School Reform, and Learning

Research Compilation Websites



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