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Ecology is the spiritual, physical, and practical relationship we have to the earth. The Freechild Project has found that around the world young people are advocating for protection and working to restore damaged environments. These groups teach us that each person has a personal and social responsibility to the world we live in, to act as a steward and advocate for the earth.


Point to Ponder

The human population is increasing dramatically as is its impact on the global environment. Pollution is in the air, the water, the ocean, and the land. Forests are being cut down, wild rivers dammed, tropical forests burned, wetlands paved over, numerous animal and plant species are driven extinct; once fertile lands are becoming wastelands, food is polluted with pesticides, the land is leveled and cut to find and extract oil, gas, coal, metals and minerals.  What are you doing to make a difference?  (Taken from here)



The following resources are websites and organizations that Freechild youth researchers have found that can help young people and adults discover how young people are making a difference for the environment.




YES! Action Camps
420 Bronco Rd.
Soquel, CA 95073
One of the leading youth-run environmental organizations in the world. YES! conducts a national speaking and workshop tour, as well as three-week-long summer Action Camps in seven countries.


PO Box 31909

Philadelphia, PA 19104

The largest student environmental organization in the world. SEAC's goal is to put students in contact with the resources to best fit their needs.

Earth Force, Inc.

2555 W 34th Ave
Denver, CO  80211
(303) 433-2956

A national, nonprofit organization that is youth-driven and nonpartisan. Their vision is to build the most effective program to help young people, ages 10-14, improve the environment through developing citizenship skills and addressing real environmental issues in their communities and nationally.

Kids Saving the Rainforest
When they were nine years old, Janine Licare Andrews and Aislin Livingstone sold painted rocks at a roadside table in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to raise money to help protect local rainforests and endangered wildlife. In 1999, the girls opened a store to sell their artwork as well as the work of local artists and craftspeople. All of the store's profits go toward preserving rainforest land, rehabilitating baby animals, and educating people around the world about the connection between humans and nature.


6891 Lerner Hall
New York, NY 10027

A guide for youth organizing for sustainable development. Key sections to visit are The Basics, which describes our mission and the importance of sustainability, and Get Involved, which lays out a detailed campaign plan for you to use on your campus.


Kids F.A.C.E-Kids For A Clean Environment
A newsletter (founded by Melissa Poe at age 9) for elementary-age kids interested in environmental issues.


Tree Musketeers

136 Main St

Suite A

El Segundo, CA 90245

Tree Musketeers empowers young people to lead environmental improvement in Earth's communities through innovative action and education programs that motivate others to become partners in a united youth movement. At Tree Musketeers kids learn the business and personal skills required to lead environmental actions, and then teach others. This Young Executive concept is woven throughout all programs and is key to empowerment.


EarthYouth c/o TakingITGlobal
42 Charles St. East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1T4
(416) 928-3362 ext. 4225

A network of young people taking action for a more sustainable planet. This site is also the one-stop portal for youth at the World Summit on Sustainable Development and has been developed collaboratively by several youth organisations. You will be able to work together on projects that make a difference, read stories that inspire, and contribute news, views, and vision here.


The Freechild Project webpage that features organizations, websites, and publications emphasizing young people's contributions to sustainable agriculture and other food-related action.



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