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Adam Fletcher

Founder and Director of The Freechild Project

Adam Fletcher founded The Freechild Project in September 2001 to advocate, inform, and celebrate social change led by and with young people around the world, especially those who have been historically denied the right to participate. He has led Freechild for the last decade, fostering the visionary goal of re-envisioning the roles of young people throughout society.


Today, Adam is an internationally recognized expert in community engagement. An author, trainer, and public speaker, he leads CommonAction, a private consulting firm in Olympia, Washington. Among the organizations who have recently worked with him are the Seattle Seahawks, the Alberta Ministry of Education, the American Institutes of Research, the Human Service Coalition of Miami/Dade County, and the Vermont Principal's Association. 

As a contractor for local, state, and national organizations, Adam has helped create more than 50 projects focused on engaging young people. He has delivered keynote addresses at numerous conferences, trained thousands of youth and adults annually since 2001, and written dozens of publications, including manuals, articles, and curricula. His work and writing on re-envisioning the roles of young people throughout the spectrum of society and on meaningful student involvement throughout the education system has guided social change around the world and earned him international acclaim. In 2010, Action for Healthy Kids named him a “Healthy Schools Hero” for his national leadership in youth engagement.

Adam’s career has focused on engaging young people and communities. He has taught drama to low-income African American children; directed ropes challenge courses; taught environmental education; instructed foster, homeless, and runaway youth in independent living skills; and directed a teen center. Adam also served two terms in national service through AmeriCorps, developing a tutoring and mentoring program for Kurdish and Iraqi refugee students, and facilitating a high adventure program for inner city youth. He has worked nationally through the federal Corporation for National Service and the nonprofit Points of Light Foundation. He also worked in state government as the first student engagement specialist in Washington’s state education agency, and as the school health manager for Washington's state department of health. Adam was the co-chair for Washington Action for Healthy Kids, and engaged 400 high school students in improving school health through the Students Taking Charge program.

In addition to directing The Freechild Project, Adam leads SoundOut, a program focused on meaningful student involvement. He also serves as an advisor for several local and national organizations and agencies, including the Institute for Democratic Education in America, the National Youth Rights Association, Generation YES, and the Patchwork School in Louisville, Colorado. He is a contributing editor for the Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, an academic journal, and regularly writes for educational publications around the world. Adam is an active volunteer at his daughter’s school and throughout his local community. Adam finds time for hiking, camping, writing poetry, and enjoying life in Olympia, Washington with his daughter Hannah, and their cat, Mailbox.

Learn about Adam's work, book him for speeches, or find out what he can do for you by calling him at (360) 489-9680. You can learn more about him at


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